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About The Addict

I used to spend a fortune buying what I thought were premium waxes and car care products. I even took a few car washing and waxing seminars. But I never got results. Scratches, swirls, you name it the finish just looked terrible on my new cars. I’d wind up paying a professional detailer to redo my cars again and again. But if you’re like me, you’d rather do it yourself…and do it right.

I finally decided there had to be a better way. I started researching how all of these so-called premium products were made…and what I found is there’s nothing premium about them except the price. They are not made with quality ingredients…even the very expensive brands…it was all just marketing hype.

Addicted To Your Car is different. Our products use only the finest raw materials available. And we worked with a team of top chemists for over three years to formulate the Addict line to provide the best shine and protection. Every product we offer is simply the best available…so go on get Addicted.

Don’t worry we’ve made it easy. Each product includes a description of how it will help your car. And we’ve included tips on how to get the best results. Now you don’t have to sell your soul to get the shine you’ve always dreamed of.

Mitchell Nydish
Founder and Fellow Car Addict


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