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ClayAddict™ Addicts traditional clay bar and WaterlessAddict 16oz

ClayAddict pulls out all the things you cannot see, but you feel, like insect remains, brake dust, tar, sap and filthy road grime. Though they are not visible, they feel rough or gritty and may cause patches of paint to appear dull, even after waxing. As these contaminants oxidize, they create rust spots within the paint. Once this happens, the oxidation is considerably harder to remove and will most likely take a good bit of paint with it.

ClayAddict (large 180g bar) is an amazing new paint finish maintenance tool that easily and safely removes the bonded contamination that washing leaves behind. With ClayAddict, insect remains, paint over spray, brake dust, tar, sap and filthy road grime are erased away like magic.

Your car's paint will never feel smoother or more slippery. ClayAddict smoothes paint better than traditional paint polishes, yet it does not reduce clear coat thickness. Your paint emerges perfectly clean and the clear coat retains its full depth and protective beauty.

Use ClayAddict in conjunction with WaterlessAddict to lubricate the paint surface. ClayAddict floats over the paint finish, removing only the protruding contamination. WaterlessAddict's ultra-slick lubrication prevents paint marring and leaves a lightly waxed, high-gloss finish.

ClayAddict is the first step in proper paint care.


  • Removes bonded contamination that washing leaves behind!
  • Prepares paint for polishing and waxing!
  • First step to a slick, smooth, ultra high gloss paint finish!


  1. Wash vehicle very well to loosen surface dirt. Getting the surface as clean as possible will reduce wear on the clay bar and extend the life of your bar by reducing the amount of contaminants that need to be lifted by the bar.
  2. Mist a 2 x2 square foot area generously with WaterlessAddict lubricant. Hold the clay bar against the surface and move it back and forth.
  3. ClayAddict will grab the surface initially. This grabbing indicates that the clay is encountering contamination. Continue rubbing gently until the clay glides freely.
  4. Using WaterlessAddict wipe each completed section with a micro fiber towel, this process will wipe away contaminates and reduce friction and possible marring of surface through friction.
  5. Before moving to the next section, inspect the clay. If it appears soiled, fold the clay and use a clean portion to clean the next section. If you drop the clay or it becomes completely soiled, discard the clay bar and continue with a fresh bar.
  6. Once you have clayed the paint, YOU CAN CLAY THE WINDOWS AS WELL. Follow the same directions for windows this will reduce streaking when using your wipers and accelerate water runoff when it rains.
  7. Wash vehicle again once completed, this will assure that all contaminates that were removed are safely washed off of the surface where they can no longer to hard to paint.

Includes one bar of ClayAddict and one 16 oz bottle of WaterlessAddict.

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