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To Place an Order
Add items to the shopping cart, and checkout with your credit card! If you have questions or need advice, email Addict@AddictedToYourCar.com or call 888-D-TAIL-ME.

To Check on an Existing Order
Email your name, phone, and invoice number to Status@AddictedToYourCar.com and our team will quickly answer any questions you may have. You can also call 888-D-TAIL-ME.

Addicted To Your Car’s Authorized Reseller Program
Interested in selling Addicted To Your Car’s line of premium car care products? If you have access to a showroom and are in an automotive-related business, we'd love to help you supply your customers with premium car care products.

Email Dealers@AddictedToYourCar.com or call 888-D-TAIL-ME.

Addicted To Your Car is pleased to offer a program where you can raise money for your school, church, youth groups sports team, club or non profit agencies.  That's right you can raise a lot of money for your group by selling our car care products.  Up to 40 % of the sale price will be donated back to your organization.  At Addicted To Your Car, we are committed to providing the highest quality car care products available.  And now we can also provide a way for groups to earn money.  For more information email Addict@AddictedToYourCar.com  or call 888-D-TAIL-ME.


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