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What causes swirl marks and surface scratches, and how can I avoid them?
How do I remove swirl marks?
How do I care for my new car?
How do I restore a faded and oxidized finish?

What causes swirl marks and surface scratches, and how can I avoid them?

It's important to understand the difference between Swirl Marks, Spider-webbing, and Surface Scratches. It's also good to know what causes each type of scratch, and how to avoid them. See the next FAQ, "Removing Swirl Marks, Spider Webbing, and Surface Scratches" for solutions.

Here is a brief guide to the most common scratches plaguing today's finishes:

  1. Swirl Marks are ultra-fine scratches in the finish caused by a high-speed buffer and compound. After a vehicle or panel is painted, color-sanded, and buffed, you will see swirl marks, especially in the sun or under lights.

    Avoid high-speed buffers, wool pads, and heavy compounds unless you are a pro.

    Avoid low-end body or paint shops. Cheap body and paint work can reduce the value of your vehicle below its damaged value!

    Stick with a dual action, random orbital polisher.

    Only use foam pads with the dual action polisher.
  2. Cob webbing or spider-web scratches look like a spider web when viewed in the sun or under lights. A few things cause these ultra-fine scratches:
  3. Driving through a car wash or other mass-volume wash system is the #1 way to scratch your vehicle.

    Using terry cloth towels or cotton diapers to wash, dry, or dust is a bad idea, and will always scratch the clear coat or paint.

    Use a new wash pad every twelve to fifteen washes. It's a small investment that helps reduce scratching while washing.

    Overuse of a car duster is a bad idea. If you use a duster, it should be at a show, or after a short drive. Don't use a duster on a dark vehicle more than once or twice a month. Use a duster on a light colored vehicle not more than five or six times before polishing and waxing again.

    If you like to keep your car free of dust, use one of these methods:

    Keep a car cover on the freshly cleaned vehicle.

    Use Detail Spray and a micro fiber polishing towel to remove dust. This lubricates the dust while picking it up, and adds shine at the same time!

  4. Fine surface scratches unfortunately happen with vehicle use or storage. If you drive it, it's going to get a scratch or two! Scratches happen, and it's important to think about minimizing their possibility.

    Don't park close to other vehicles.

    Park far, far away! Further is better. Enjoy the exercise!

    Think about carrying boxes or bags through your front door, and you’re your garage. Most scratches happen in your garage or driveway!

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How do I remove swirl marks?

  • Wash your vehicle with AddictWash or use WaterlessAddict and micro fiber towel to clean the surface.
  • Determine the need of a AddictClay or BlockAddict. Using a sandwich bad or piece of flimsy plastic bag, gently rub the surface to feel for roughness.
  • Feel little bumps? Clay or block it!
    Smooth? Skip it!
  • Dress your plastic, rubber, and vinyl with AddictDressing. It’s okay to be a little sloppy and get some on the paint or glass.
  • Determine a good part of the vehicle to use a test spot. Find a spot on the trunk or hood, where inspection is easy.
  • Use ScratchAddict with a micro fiber applicator pad. Apply a small amount of ScratchAddict to your car's finish.
  • Spray one mist of WaterlessAddict into the applicator pad.
  • Rub up and down over an area, say 10 inches square, covering each square inch at least five times.
  • Now do the same going side to side.
  • Do not remove the ScratchAddict residue!
  • Using the opposite side of the applicator, apply the same amount of AddictGlaze in the same manner as the ScratchAddict.
  • Remove the residue with a clean micro fiber towel.

    Note: Be sure not to use the cheap, bulk micro fiber towels on your paint. The cheap towels can scratch just like a terry towel. Use only high quality micro fiber, which should be ultra soft to the touch, wash after wash.
  • Apply a thin coat of AddictWax to the vehicle, then remove the residue.

Did you reduce the swirls to your satisfaction?

Yes: Great! Finish the car, completing one step at a time, one panel at a time. (Complete the ScratchAddict step to the entire vehicle, then on to the AddictGlaze, etc.)

No: If you aren’t afraid of the work, repeat steps 6-12 above and see if the results are acceptable.

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How do I care for my new car?

People often believe that new cars need no or very little care. Not true! When vehicles leave the factory, they sit in dirt parking lots, trains, trucks, or ships transport them, and then they are subjected to harsh washing conditions at dealerships. This is how I spruce up a new vehicle:

  • Clean the tires with AddictWash and scrub off the existing greasy, oily tire dressing. Thoroughly wash and dry the vehicle.
  • Use Addict’s WaterlessAddict and AddictClay or BlockAddict to remove rough surface spots and contaminants. Clay or block the paint, chrome, and glass. Leave AddictClay or BlockAddict and residue on your vehicle.
  • Rub AddictDressing on exterior rubber and plastic. Do the tires last.
  • Apply AddictGlaze directly over the AddictClay or BlockAddict residue. Remove polish with a micro fiber towel. Follow with a fine coat of AddictWax.
  • For interior detailing, rub AddictDressing on the dashboard and door panels and use LeatherAddict every two weeks for the first two months that you own the vehicle. Leather is very dry in new vehicles, so be sure to moisturize seats and other areas frequently.

Maintain your vehicle’s shine by hand washing and drying it regularly, and by using a mist of WaterlessAddict on the paint and glass. You will have to reapply the water-based AddictDressing after each wash.

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How do I restore a faded and oxidized finish?

Some finishes need to be repainted if they have been neglected for too long. Addict products are guaranteed, yet nothing we manufacture will replace missing paint or disintegrating clear coat.

For all other vehicles, follow these steps for removing oxidation:

  • Wash and dry the vehicle.
  • Follow with AddictClay or BlockAddict and WaterlessAddict. The combination removes surface contaminants and facilitates polishing. For sever oxidation, use ScratchAddict and AddictGlaze combined 70 to 30 respectively to reduce marks. Polish the entire vehicle. Remove residue with a clean micro fiber towel.
  • With a clean applicator pad, apply AddictGlaze to the entire vehicle. Remove residue with a micro fiber polishing towel and follow with the AddictWax. Remove any remaining residue with a clean micro fiber towel.

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