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Everything you need to get started $100.00
($150.00 Value, Save $50.00)

AddictWash™ Ultimate car wash 16oz
AddictWash is an ultra sudsy car wash and wax in one. Special Ph-balanced formula is strong enough to remove dirt and grime while  gently cleaning your car without harming the finish.  Get a clean streak free shine every time, even when used in the sun.  And it’s biodegradable.
Regular Price: $9.95

WaterlessAddict™ Environmentally friendly waterless car wash and wax  16oz
Wash your car and save the environment all at once. WaterlessAddict is a totally waterless car wash, wax and protectant in one. 100% scratch free. WaterlessAddict saves the 100 gallons of water you waste every time you wash your car. And it’s biodegradable.
Regular Price: $19.95

Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt
Now you can really get your cars finish clean with Addict’s ultra super-soft chenille wash mitt. It’s gentle on your paint and cleans like no other. Made from the latest deep pile velvety cord of micro fiber. Extra plush, super absorbent, exceptionally soft and lint-free for the perfect clean every time. And don’t worry it’s 100% scratch-free.
Regular Price: $9.95

Ultra Fine 100% Microfiber Towel 16" x 16" (3 pack)
Ultra fine-all purpose micro fiber towel. Great for buffing, general cleaning, polishing, drying wheels, and other jobs. (3 pack)
Regular Price: $13.95

DetailAddict™ Professional Detail Bucket
Heavy-duty 4 1/4 ABS plastic bucket with grit guard makes washing safe and easy. Grit Guard insert keeps dirt away allowing you to wash without scratching your cars finish. Easy spin off top makes storing your Addict cleaning products a snap. Extremely durable and easy to carry and it makes a great stool to sit on while detailing.
Regular Price: $39.95

WheelAddict™ Ultimate wheel and rim cleaner 16oz
Addict’s wheel & rim cleaner dissolves grime and brake dust without damaging your alloy wheels. Safe on painted alloy wheels.
Retail: $14.95

AddictWax™ Wet look carnauba wax 16oz
AddictWax is a 100% Pure Carnauba Based Wax and Polish that gives you a brilliant deep shine in minutes. Super easy on and off, leaves no dust, smear or powdery residue.
Regular Price: $29.95

AddictDressing™ Natural shine spray dressing 16oz
AddictDressing is a non-greasy extra dry premium conditioner that provides outstanding long lasting shine and protection to all tire, rubber, vinyl and leather surfaces.
Regular Price: $12.95

Price: $100.00                      Email_icon  E-mail product info to a friend

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Everything you need to Feed your Addiction $150.00 Includes everything in kit 1 plus the following…
($225.00 Value, Save $75.00)

ClayAddict™ Addicts traditional Clay Bar
Light clay bar that will never scratch your cars surface. Paint cleaning and smoothing system that removes bonded contamination  without reducing your clear coat! This scratch free ultra-flexible elastic bar is works great for all paint finishes. Your car's paint  will never feel smoother.
Regular Price: $29.95

UltraAddict™ Mirror finish ultra slick gloss magnifier 16oz
UltraAddict is a gloss magnifier that reflects like a mirror. An ultra slick nonstick high-shine all-weather gloss magnifier formulated to allow paint to breathe. A one-step surface preparatory product guaranteed to enhance the shine of any surface. UltraAddict truly delivers a mirror wet finish that not only shines but also protects at a nano-tech scale by bonding molecularly to your paint, delivering a smooth durable finish that reflects light like a mirror while offering superior surface protection.
Regular Price: $26.95

LeatherAddict™ Leather conditioner 16oz
LeatherAddict cleans and conditions all fine automotive leather surfaces in one easy step. As it cleans and conditions, LeatherAddict moisturizes and restores the natural leather fragrance. The special cleaners in LeatherAddict gently clean without stripping leather of its natural oils and moisture. Regular use prevents the need for heavy cleaning.
Regular Price: $19.95

Price: $150.00                      Email_icon  E-mail product info to a friend

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Sure you’re not Addicted…just in case $200.00
Includes everything in kit 1 and 2 plus the following…
($300.00 Value, Save $100.00)

AddictPolish™ The ultimate finishing polish 16oz
AddictPolish is formulated to quickly remove mild paint imperfections, scratches, and swirls, while dissolving water spots for a supper glossy finish. Use with an orbital polisher or by hand. Works on all paint finishes and colors to deliver outstanding results with minimum effort. For incredible protection and amazing depth, follow with AddictWax.
Regular Price: $26.95

ScratchAddict™ Scratch and swirl remover 16oz
Finally an easy way to remove light scratches and swirls from your cars finish.
Regular Price: $19.95

GlassAddict™ Professional grade window cleaner 16oz
GlassAddict is the ultimate glass cleaner. Removes stubborn grime from your windows leaving a streak free shine.
Regular Price: $12.95

SpotAddict™ Interior cleaner and stain remover 16oz
Heavy duty spot and stain remover. Deep cleaning for all carpet, fabric upholstery and vinyl.
Regular Price: $12.95

Price: $200.00                      Email_icon  E-mail product info to a friend

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