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LeatherAddict™ Leather conditioner

LeatherAddict cleans and conditions all fine automotive leather surfaces in one easy step. As it cleans and conditions, LeatherAddict moisturizes and restores the natural leather fragrance. The special cleaners in LeatherAddict gently clean without stripping leather of its natural oils and moisture. Regular use prevents the need for heavy cleaning.

LeatherAddict is a pH-balanced formula that replenishes the essential, natural nutrients that keep natural leather soft and supple. When used on artificial leather surfaces, LeatherAddict prevents fading and cracking. Automotive leather is under attach every hour it is parked in the sunshine. Extra-strength UV protection makes LeatherAddict the ideal choice for convertibles and vehicles that are exposed to the sun for long duration’s. LeatherAddict leaves a natural-looking finish that isn't greasy or slick. After wiping on, it quickly dries to the touch. Formulated with stain repellants and waterproofing agents, LeatherAddict prevents stains from everyday use.

  • Premium leather cleaner, conditioner and dressing!
  • Unbeatable protection!
  • Moisturizes and nourishes!
  • Long-lasting and easy to apply!
  • Natural leather fragrance!
  • Keeps leather soft and supple!

Using a clean micro fiber towel apply a quarter size amount of LeatherAddict using small circular motions and light pressure. Work into small areas of your leather surface at a time. Rub until dry. Buff away excess. It is advised to test LeatherAddict on a small inconspicuous piece of leather before conditioning entire interior. For best results reapply every three to six months.

LeatherAddictTM  16oz  Price: $19.95                   Email_icon  E-mail product info to a friend 

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LeatherAddictTM  1 Gallon Price: $79.95               Email_icon  E-mail product info to a friend 
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