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AddictWash™ Ultimate car wash 16oz

Formulated using the latest synthetic polymers and surfactant technology, AddictWash shampoo concentrate quickly loosens and emulsifies the toughest dirt and road grime while lubricants allow the soil to safely glide away in the rinse water. AddictWash polymers cling to the clean finish providing shine and protection.

AddictWash is an ultra-sudsy, pH balanced, non-streaking formula. Special water conditioners (softeners) provide a streak-free, sparkling finish that resists water spotting, even in hard water conditions.

AddictWash is far more than a car wash shampoo; it's a lavish spa experience for your car!


  • Ultra-sudsy!
  • Tough on road grime, easy on your wax!
  • Rinses away clean without streaks!
  • Conditions with waterborne polymers!

Dilute a small amount of AddictWash into a bucket of water. Make sure to use a clean microfiber towel or wash pad for best results. It is advised to use a second bucket of water for rinsing dirty towel before dunking into AddictWash or an DetailAddict bucket with grit guard to avoid scratching your cars finish.

AddictWashTM 16oz  Price: $9.95                      Email_icon  E-mail product info to a friend 

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AddictWashTM 32oz  Price: $16.95                    Email_icon  E-mail product info to a friend
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AddictWashTM 1 gallon  Price: $39.95                Email_icon  E-mail product info to a friend
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